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Getting Pipe Cutters for Plumbers

If you are a plumber, you will need to get quality pipes that you can do your task with. When you know different types of plumbing pipes you will be able to which are the best to work with when given a specific plumbing problem. When starting to do your task with different pipes, you will have to have some experience concerning them. The following are some discussion about different plumbing pipes that you need to know.

The number one pipe to be talked about is the rigid copper pipe. These pipes are majorly used for cold and hot water line within homes. To cut the rigid copper, you will have to use a pipe cutter. The process of cutting includes placing the pipe on the cutter then turning the knob down thus bringing the tube into contact with the cutter wheel. After setting the pipeline on the cutter you need to start rotating the cutter then ensure the wheel remains tight until your entire pipe is cut. After you are done cutting you can sweat the pipes together or use compression fittings to join them. Follow all the steps used in fitting the tubes together and ensure you use the correct tools to get the best result. You can see page or visit for the best pipe cutters.

The second pipe that you need to know of is the flexible copper pipe. It is a kind of pipe that is used to connect natural or propane gas to your home. You should use compression fittings to connect the pipes to appropriate devices. Flexible copper pipe is recommended for indoors plumbing and they majorly installed underground. One disadvantage with this type of tubes is that their fittings cannot be exchanged with fittings for rigid copper pipe.

The number three pipe to know is the rigid pipe. You need to know that the rigid tube comes in two ways, the black metal, and the galvanized pipe. The difference between this pipes is that galvanized pipes are used for water lines while the black iron are used in connecting gases in houses. In case you want to compare two pipes you need to use two pipe wrenches. The first wrench is used in holding the tube while the second one is used in fitting the two machines. The previous tool that you should know is the plastic pipes. The good thing with this plastic pipe is that it can be used to provide both cold and hot water to the interior of your homes. Having all these options to choose from will help you know the exact pipe you need for a particular task. You can read more on this here:

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